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Pittsfield 413.499.4800
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Air Conditioning

We will analyze your homes central air conditioning needs taking into consideration not only the physical requirements of your home but also your personal and lifestyle needs. Our staff of professional air conditioning technicians will carefully install your air conditioning system and fully clean up when finished the installation.

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  • Fully licensed, Experienced Technicians
  • Annual tune up
  • Repairs on Central Air Conditioning Units

Energy Saving Tips/ Maintenance:

Clear away any obstructions on or around your outdoor unit. Airflow will be blocked and efficiency reduced by anything that collects on the units fins. Plants, weeds, leaves and particularly grass clippings should be cleared away.

You can clean your outdoor condensing unit by spraying it with water from your garden hose.

Make sure your furniture is not obstructing the flow from the air conditioning vents in your home.

Close off unused areas in your home, closing the vents in those rooms.

Set the fan on high except for when the weather is very humid. During periods of high humidity set the fan on low. There will be less cooling but the air will feel cooler.

Hire a professional to service your system. An air conditioning technician will be able to locate and remedy any problems in your central cooling system.

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